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ASR, Artisan Gun Stock Restoration is always growing, learning and trying new concepts.
Call me and let's talk about what your needs are and every alternative possible!

Stock Refinishing: Your Gun Stock is an integral part of your accuracy. Let me help you keep it weather tight and looking great! I can refinish a stock and in most cases, help the grain "stand out" more than most factory finishes. I use Tru-Oil finishes and can use Liquid dyes to enhance the color that you want with dull, semi-gloss, gloss finishes.

Wood Grain Enhancement: By utilizing various dyes and sealers the grain can be enhanced to showcase the beauty of the wood.

Retouching, Scratch & Dent Repair: Accidents and normal usage can cause ocasional damage to occur. In the 20 years of retouching, I have perfected "The Art of Retouching" and can take out most blemishes and imperfections.

Grip Repairs: I can effectively repair grips, the older Bakelite, wood and the colored plastics.

Checkering: From enhancing factory pressed Checkering and cleaning up worn Checkering, to cutting new simple patterns, I can help you get a better grip on your gun.

Exotic Wood Grafts: I look at the addition of exotic wods to a gunstock as an enhancement of 3 basic attributes, Functional strength,beauty and increased value.

Adjustable Cheek Comb: By creating an adjustable cheek comb, "cheek weld" can be ahieved for greater accuracy and quicker target aquisition.

Buttplates, Tinder Box inlays... And more. Contact with your needs and we can work together to accomplish them.

ASR - Artisan Gun-Stock Restoration
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