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Portfolio of my Work
This is a small compilation of my work. If there is something you desire please call me and we can
discuss your needs and desires! Questions are always welcome and answered to the best of my knowledge.
I often use the tools of my 18 years as a violin restorer to accomplish a smooth, tight fit.
Scrapers, rasps, small planes and especially color matching skills all come into play.
I hope you enjoy my humble work.


  • Stock Refinishing
  • Blemish Retouching
  • Scratch & Dent Repair
  • Grip Repairs
  • Checkering
  • Exotic Wood Grafts
  • Adjustable Comb Instalation
  • Buttplate Replacement
  • Brass Tinderbox inlays
  • Wood Grain Enhancement

On my personal 45-70 Henry Yellowboy, I wanted to get rid of the square flat Comb and put on a more era reflective round buttplate. Seen is the stripping, fitting of the butt plate, and rounding the Comb with final color match to the forend. I am pleased with the results!


On this Mannlicher Mauser a raised and adjustable Cheek Comb was desired. I opted to use a piece of Maple for lightness and durability. I am very pleased as to the color matching and glossy finish the client wanted. By stripping the yellowish finish, I was able to enhance the walnut grain and color depth. I hand-rub all my stocks with Tru-oil. An excellent finish worthy of any fine wood!


Re-Checkering a badly worn 1912 Winchester Shotgun. This used 24 lpi.

Winchester Checkering


Utilizing different dyed wood veneers, I hand cut this Wapiti scene into a Kentuckian Flintlock rifle. A great accent to any rifle.



This rifle stock had to be stripped as the old Poly finish was actually peeling off. Dings were sweated up, deep scratches smoothed out, Linseed oil was used as a sealer and grain enhancer, then hand rubbed to a semi glossy sheen.



This was actually a percussion kit rifle where the client wanted the brass seperation piece to be replaced so to mimick a one piece stock. Once fitted with a flush graft, a second graft of Lacewood was carefully adapted to help strengthen the joint.



The full glory of the refinished Mannlicher rifle!



There is a small crack in this 1924 Bakelite grip. By cutting two small groves in the front and one in the back, I then filled them with colorized epoxy. Waited for it to harden, the overdraw filed and sanded, then final polishing. By utilizing clear epoxy and dyes, I can achieve a fairly accurate color match. There is another method using fine shavings of the plastic and Cryanoacrylics.

ASR - Artisan Gun-Stock Restoration
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